Writers Write – And Also Read

Ales Stones WikipedeiaI just returned from a vacation in Sweden.  I was an exchange student there 33 years ago through Rotary International.  While I was gone I’d hoped to write at least a few paragraphs, but it didn’t happen.

I did, however, wind up reading 3 complete fiction books in 10 days, in addition to everything else we were doing.  Many moons ago I started out as a writer of fiction, but I haven’t written any lately.  Well, it’s true I call what I write “business fiction,” but that’s just a laugh at my own expense.  But reading of any kind is good for a writer.  It shows you what’s good and bad about other works, so that you can pick and choose the good techniques, language and topics you want to include in your own work.  It’s important to not just consume other written work, but to be aware of it as well.

I met someone in Sweden who had a vivid dream recently, and started turning it into a novel.  That’s cool!  More importantly I was also inspired to begin working on a bit of fiction again myself.  I have an idea for a story set in Sweden during. . . well, it could be ancient times but I’m more intrigued with a far post apocalyptic future.  One that looks a lot like pre-history.  I took a few minutes out from writing my ideas to craft this post.

Are you a writer?  What are you working on?  What do you find the most difficult about your writing process?  Feel free to share with me and the other readers of the blog!


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