A Little Experiment

For those who don’t know, I am diabetic.  I take medicine, but not insulin (don’t need it).  Yes, I’ve needed to change my diet for years, but I finally ran a little experiment yesterday.

It’s not like I eat a loaf of bread every day, but yesterday I decided to cut out all bread.  That was really the only change I made.  I was frankly amazed at the result in less than 12 hours.

My morning glucose reading was around 250.  No bread with lunch (a salad) and none with dinner.  Evening reading – 175.  A drop of almost 30%, just from cutting bread from my diet for a few hours.  Only rose to 190 by this morning.  Let’s see what it is tonight.

Diabetes is a national health disaster, one we’ve brought upon ourselves for the most part.  I continued to eat like a kid as an adult, gorging on food and expecting it to melt away.  It didn’t.  Things got worse after I started taking blood pressure medication.  That dropped my metabolism, and my body was no longer burning all that sugar.  (I literally sweated at night, in the middle of winter, sleeping without a blanket.)

Once that quit happening, and my body no longer burned all the carbs I was taking in, I crossed over that line and became a diabetic.

I urge you folks, if you have been diagnosed with diabetes, please see a doctor and follow medical advice.

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3 thoughts on “A Little Experiment”

  1. We are right there with you Scott. We have been staying away from processed foods and the “white stuff” (potatoes, rice, corn) and have brought our levels down a bit but there is still work to be done. Exercise and increasing water intake helps too. Hang in there… you are making the changes and will reap the benefits.

  2. I’m on the other end of the scale. My blood sugar level goes up to fasting after I eat! It was a 93. It is a struggle to get the sugar I need to maintain my body’s needs! It’s not easy on either end of normal but together we can all fight this by sharing information and helping others achieve the desired goals too! Great job Scott!


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