Teaching Online Article Series

I’ve been working on a series of blog posts/articles recently. I had this weird coincidence where two customers asked me about teaching online, almost at the very same time! I was on-site with one customer, who asked about teaching his content online. At the same time, I received an email at my office from another … Read more

Karate Website Marketing Copy

I’ve been asked to create the marketing copy for a karate website. That fits – not only have I been in marketing for nearly 40 years, I’ve also been training and teaching traditional Okinawan karate since 2000. Here’s the site address: www.BestSyracuseKarate.com by

Podcast Equipment Almost Done

I got my mixing board today.  I’m not happy with my new XLR connection mic, but maybe the one I have can be retrofitted – I’m gonna look.  Played an audiobook on my phone, and successfully brought that sound in with me.  Now I have to figure out if a caller could hear themselves that … Read more

Two New Ebooks Coming Soon

While the first versions of these will be dedicated to non-profit organizations, I hope to publish additional versions targeted towards other markets. I’m planning to publish these ebooks through Smashwords, allowing me to reach additional e-reader audiences.  This will include Nook/Barnes & Noble, Apple’s system, and the Kobo market, as well as Amazon. by

Interview – Target Market Book

My new book Profile Your Target Market is about to come out, and someone’s already interviewing me about it!  The always gracious Melissa Smith, a Virtual Assistant Staffer & Consultant, interviewed me for a discussion she was having with her virtual assistant students.  If you’re looking for a virtual assistant, or if you’re a VA and … Read more