You’ve landed on the author site for Scott A. Gardner. I’ve penned several books on different businesses, all attempting to help the reader intellectually and financially by looking through the lens of marketing.


You can find descriptions of my books here, along with links to buy the ebooks and print books.  There are also ways to get free downloads, a page where you’ll find links to me on various social media as well as a way to contact me directly.  I’ve got a mailing list you can join, and I occasionally run contests where you can win signed print books, or even gift certificates as prizes!  I even post random thoughts from time to time, dealing with all sorts of things.  This site is about connecting with my readers.  I create content for people who want to learn more about using marketing based principles to increase the profitability of their businesses.

I invite you to look around and enjoy yourself.  If you see something you like – great!  If you’ve got an idea or a question, feel free to ask.  My passion is helping people succeed.


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