Scott A. Gardner has been involved with marketing since his first gig selling dried fruits and nuts from a mall kiosk in the early ’80s.  While attending the University of Bridgeport (CT) for cinematography, he wound up taking a job as the marketing assistant for an international cutting and precision tool company.

However, you can’t say “he hasn’t looked back since.”  With the development of better and less expensive technology, Scott regularly makes use of his background in film making shooting videos for his clients and himself.  Editing is much easier now, since “cuts” are no longer literally made that way – with a razor and splicing tape.

At a very early age Scott had a love of reading, and of writing.  He dictated his first story at age three, watching it banged out on an ancient manual typewriter at the kitchen table.  He graduated to pencil and paper, then pens and notebooks, and still plans his books using 3×5 cards and notebooks.  The actual writing happens on a variety of laptops, a Chromebook, and a Windows desktop.

All of Scott’s non-fiction books center on marketing.  Like a geologist sees the world in terms of rock strata and the motion of the earth’s crust, he sees businesses in terms of promotion and outreach.  It doesn’t matter if that business is hosting web sites, taking photos of kids or exotic dancing.


Scott’s major activity outside of running his business – Agile’ Marketing Services – is training and teaching traditional Okinawan goju-ryu karate-do.  He and his wife Arlene both hold 4th degree black belt certificates, awarded by Seibukai Goju-ryu International out of Okinawa.  It was when he realized that there were karate masters who had spent more years honing the physical basics than he’d been alive that Scott grasped how many business people ignored the basics of marketing.  Most of his non-fiction work now centers on explaining and helping the reader or viewer develop and hone their marketing basics.

Scott’s occasional fiction appears under a variation of his name, S. Anthony Gardner.

Scott lives north of Syracuse, New York – just a leisurely train ride away from Toronto or, heading the other direction, from New York City.  His wife is a mental health professional, although that hasn’t done him much good.  They live in a large house on a small hill, across from a scout camp and a cemetery.  They have two cats.

Skipper (L) and Miracle (R)