Podcast Equipment Almost Done

I got my mixing board today.  I’m not happy with my new XLR connection mic, but maybe the one I have can be retrofitted – I’m gonna look.  Played an audiobook on my phone, and successfully brought that sound in with me.  Now I have to figure out if a caller could hear themselves that … Read more

Review Rules

It doesn’t matter who the author is – myself or someone else – you can help them out immensely by leaving a review of their work.  Amazon is great, but so is Goodreads, Nook.com, or even a review website/blog specializing in their genre. If you like to read, please pass along this post, or just … Read more

What Happens After

3ps_002Well, that’s not entirely accurate.  I’m teaching a course at the Downtown Writer’s Center in Syracuse.  It’s run out of the YMCA.  It’s not strictly about the things you do after you get your work published.  It’s also about how to promote your published work by promoting it in your new work.

Read more

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