Is There A Photographer In The House?

Today I’m pulling double duty.  My next set of books is about making money as a photographer, specifically as it relates to “activities” for kids.  You know – martial arts, gymnastics, dance, cheer, etc.

I need photos that will illustrate the procedures I’m discussing for each book, so why not shoot them myself?  I mean, it would kind of suck if I were telling other folks how to shoot pictures but couldn’t or wouldn’t do it myself.

So today, I’m picking up my true (and truly) blue Pentax K30 and shooting a girl wearing a whole bunch of different outfits for a whole bunch of different activities.  I even picked up some nerdy glasses for a chess club photo.  Maybe after I edit them, I’ll post a couple.  Keep a lookout for my written introduction, too!  I’ll post it here when I get closer to publication.

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