Birthday Frustrations

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYesterday was my birthday.  I work from home.  We have a loooong driveway, and we’ve gotten a lot of snow this year.

So, I’m working on a couple projects for a client, when the guy who plows our driveway shows up with his tractor and a bucket loader attachment.  I didn’t ask him to come, he just showed up and starts cleaning the edges of the driveway.  Apparently he felt there was too much snow for his truck and plow to do an effective job.

Next time I look out, he’s actually scooping snow off my lawn.  Not the part that’s right next to the driveway, but he’s got his tractor in like 30 feet or more onto my lawn.  Suddenly, he’s gone.

I go to run some water, and there’s barely a trickle.  I get suspicious and go out to look at what he’s done.  Sho ’nuff, there’s heaped snow and tire tracks on my lawn near my well head.  I get my snow blower and a shovel, and clear away the snow.  Sho ’nuff, he’s hit the well head with enough force to move the frozen earth behind it, rip off the cap and tear off the wires.

I called the folks we use for our water related problems, and they had a tech who was familiar with wells who could “come out and take a look.”  Three hours later – which is a hell of a lot better than the 24 or more that I imagined – the guy shows up.  It’s a 10 minute job, but it costs me $100.

So meanwhile, I’m late for my Wednesday night teaching session at karate.  I’m supposed to drop a package off at UPS – that doesn’t happen.  One of my tasks for yesterday was laundry.  That didn’t happen.  I was supposed to get info for a client from a couple of vendors.  They never called back.

What eventually did happen is that my lovely wife took me out for a lobster dinner, and I had a glass of rum punch.  It wasn’t like it’ll be a month from now in the Caribbean, but it was a great end to a crappy day.

And no, that’s not my well head – it’s just a picture of a wishing well I stole from the ‘net.

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