Because You Asked

Well, a couple people asked, anyway.  What kinds of new photo equipment did you get?  Well the main purchases were the Nikon D7100 and the Tamron 16-300 mm super zoom lens.  Those were the two most expensive pieces.  But of course, there was more!

I got two new 128gb SDHC cards, because the camera shoots 24mp RAW photos (I almost always shoot in RAW mode, except when I’m shooting the kind of pix I talk about in my upcoming books.  Then I shoot JPGs.), and a new holster-type case to carry the cam during our trips.  I also ordered a speedlight, or off camera flash unit, and a softbox to fit over it.  Then of course I had to take a bunch of online courses to learn how to use all this stuff.

I also got a totally manual fisheye lens.  You know – the kind that allows you to shoot stuff really close up and make it look like you’re viewing the world through a water glass.  It’s hard enough learning a new camera.  Now I have to ignore everything I learned and go back to shooting like I did 30 years ago.

I also got a monopod to rest myself – er, my camera on when I’m out and about shooting.

And who could forget software?  I upgraded to Adobe’s Creative Cloud.  For just $10/month and a ritual sacrifice (not really!) I get Lightroom and Photoshop, continuously updated.  I also upgraded to JPEG Mini Pro, because the regular version wouldn’t handle files as large as my new camera shoots.

Then there were the books on the camera, and some other little things.  Oh man, I dug myself a serious financial hole!  I hope the books turn out to be popular!

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