What Will You Find Here?

I have a few other places I post content.  The blog for my marketing firm, Agile’ Marketing Services, is the one where I put a lot of marketing related material.  But wait – I write marketing centered non-fiction.  What am I going to post here?

Well yes, there will be some overlap on the blog pages from time to time.  But this is a site dedicated to my writing, so I’ll be posting info about other books, authors and materials here, and not over on AMS.  This is also where I’ll be more personal, and a little more light-hearted.  Vacation coming up in just over a month, so expect to see some photos here at some point!

I have an email group based around my writing, so I’ll be sending out notes to my subscribers as well.  There are links in the back of my books for sign-up, but I’ll also be putting up a page here, with some offers for free material.  I’ll probably run a couple drawing as well, with gift cards as prizes.

I want you to feel free to comment on the posts.  If you want to get in touch with me directly, there’s a contact page for that.

Thanks for hanging out and reading my stuff.  I hope you enjoy your time here, and please recommend my site to your friends and colleagues.

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