Warm Sun And Sand

petit_plageI’m not sure if I actually deserve it for working, but I certainly deserve a vacation for surviving the long, cold, snowy winter.

My wife and I try to go somewhere sunny and warm this time every year, in part to chase away the winter chills and in part to celebrate our anniversary.  We’ve gone different places over the last several years, most often to different parts of the Caribbean.  A few years ago, we went to Kauai, Hawaii.  Last year, we went to the French side of St Martin.  The island lies between the Caribbean and Atlantic, but where we were was on the Atlantic.  You’d never know it though.

The town of Grand Case was so wonderful, we’re going back there again this year.  As you read this, we’re on the way down.  This is the tiny beach (Petit Plage translates from the French as “Little Beach”) where I’ll be sunning myself for a week.  Until we walk the leisurely quarter mile down town to the street full of 5-star restaurants, that is.  I’ll try to capture some of the sights from the boulevard this year.  (The boulevard is a very narrow, barely paved road.  It can hardly accommodate one way traffic, but somehow manages it.)

I’ll be writing while I’m there, but I’m not sure how much.  The place we stay does have Internet, but it’s a vacation dammit!

I’m sure you work hard as well.  My company Agile’ Marketing Services has a deliberate Caribbean theme about it for this very reason.  Work hard, and play hard while enjoying the fruits of your labor.

I’ll see you when I get back!

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