Green Smoothies

bella-rocexAs I mentioned in my last post, I’ve added green smoothies to my diet.  I haven’t taken anything away yet, but drinking one honking large smoothie every day, packed with lots of fruits and leafy greens, has been enlightening.

I bought a Bella Rocket Extract Pro.  It’s a lot less expensive than the Nutri Ninja or Magic Bullet.  I can pack that sucker full of stuff, turn it on and within 3 or 4 seconds – usually no longer than 5 seconds – the whole thing is mixed.

I got the Everything Green Smoothies Book to go along with it.  I ignore the “what it’s for” section headers, and just look for smoothies that sound good.  I don’t like melon, so I don’t do those.  Most of the rest of the stuff is fair game though.

Kale?  Not my favorite.  Had it as a kid once, hated the taste.  Still can’t get it down.  The Aggregate Nutrient Density Index (ANDI) recommends cruciferous foods, like kale which is one of the veggies that hits the highest score of 1,000.  Then again, so does watercress, which I find easier to stomach (literally).

My food shopping routine has changed a bit, I can tell you.  More fruits, more green stuff.  Bought a lot of powdered greens online, along with a huge bag of chia seeds, which I’m really loving.  Taste like nothing, add tons of fiber and make smoothies thicker and more filling.  Looking forward to adding them (and some of the powdered greens) to “regular food.”

As far as writing goes, I’m into this enough right now to be interested in putting out an ebook.  Still taking notes on that, though.

If you currently drink green smoothies, I’d love it if you’d share a favorite recipe below, or any other feedback!

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