Working Towards Something

Online-hands-LaptopWell, I spent almost 5 hours at Barnes & Noble today.  I thought I was going to work on the manuscript to my “how to make money with photos” books, but no.  I wound up taking the wrong laptop.  So instead I spent the time working on posts for the educational web site I set up to compliment the books.

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Help Authors By Reviewing Books

How Reviews Help Authors Readers choose books based on recommendations.  Leaving an Amazon review is like telling your friends how much you enjoyed your latest read. After 20-25 reviews, Amazon includes the author’s book in “Also Bought” and “You Might Like” lists.  This increases the visibility on the site and helps boost sales. After 50-70 … Read moreHelp Authors By Reviewing Books

Because You Asked

Well, a couple people asked, anyway.  What kinds of new photo equipment did you get?  Well the main purchases were the Nikon D7100 and the Tamron 16-300 mm super zoom lens.  Those were the two most expensive pieces.  But of course, there was more!

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Green Smoothies

bella-rocexAs I mentioned in my last post, I’ve added green smoothies to my diet.  I haven’t taken anything away yet, but drinking one honking large smoothie every day, packed with lots of fruits and leafy greens, has been enlightening.

I bought a Bella Rocket Extract Pro.  It’s a lot less expensive than the Nutri Ninja or Magic Bullet.  I can pack that sucker full of stuff, turn it on and within 3 or 4 seconds – usually no longer than 5 seconds – the whole thing is mixed.

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Still Crankin’

Got my nose to the grindstone.  Still working on getting the next short book done, then on to the longer works, I think. I’ve recently begun making and actually drinking green smoothies – that is, combinations of fruit and leafy green stuff.  I’m particularly enamored of chia seeds.  I digress.  The point is, I may … Read moreStill Crankin’

Warm Sun And Sand

petit_plageI’m not sure if I actually deserve it for working, but I certainly deserve a vacation for surviving the long, cold, snowy winter.

My wife and I try to go somewhere sunny and warm this time every year, in part to chase away the winter chills and in part to celebrate our anniversary.  We’ve gone different places over the last several years, most often to different parts of the Caribbean.  A few years ago, we went to Kauai, Hawaii.  Last year, we went to the French side of St Martin.  The island lies between the Caribbean and Atlantic, but where we were was on the Atlantic.  You’d never know it though.

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Schedule Changes

“Life is what happens after you make plans.”  Ain’t that the truth. At the end of last year, I had been steamrolling through book writing projects.  I sat down and wrote out a schedule of the books I wanted to produce in 2015, including timelines for each title.  Today was supposed to be the day … Read moreSchedule Changes

Birthday Frustrations

Yesterday was my birthday.  I work from home.  We have a loooong driveway, and we’ve gotten a lot of snow this year. So, I’m working on a couple projects for a client, when the guy who plows our driveway shows up with his tractor and a bucket loader attachment.  I didn’t ask him to come, … Read moreBirthday Frustrations